Williams Shipping/Willbox

The Williams Shipping History Exhibition told the story of the development of the company in photographs, from their first pinnace (a light sail boat) in 1894, through to the present day.
Williams Shipping began simply, transporting cement, bricks and farm produce back and forth from the Isle of Wight and the company have grown into an organisation transporting goods of every kind all over the world via involvement in the Second World war and the mushrooming of the business post-war with the return of the big passenger liners.

Williams have diversified from just shipping goods to include road haulage, in the form of Will Box, tugs, tankers and barges and now their vessels and cranes work on helping install wind turbines at sea, bringing their roots using wind power to sail across the Solent full circle as they help create energy powered by the wind.
The story of Williams Shipping is also the story of the growth of Southampton as a port over the past 120 years.