The Wool House Project

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The Wool House Project

The Wool House, Town Quay, Southampton, Hants, SO14 2AG


The Woolhouse 1869

Wool House History

The Wool House is a 14th century Grade 1 listed building on the waterfront of Southampton. Since the relocation of the Maritime Museum to The Sea City Museum in the centre of Southampton in 2011, The Wool House has been closed.
However, in June 2013 element arts opened the space to the public to host a variety of activities from exhibitions to workshops to events, all loosely based around the stories of the building since it was built over 600 years ago.
Opening Times
element arts would like to thank all our volunteers, everyone who lent a hand in setting up, all the artists and performers, the local community, the many (now over 10,000!) visitors from far and wide, SCC for use of this beautiful historic building for community arts, and everyone who has supported us and followed us on Facebook during The Wool House Project.Download a report of the Wool House Project here: Wool House Project Report (3MB pdf)

Prepping the Wool House