Future Museum of Now

The Future Museum of Now

Created by artists Steph May and Claudia Friend from objects found washed up on the shores of the Solent and recycled items, this installation exhibition imagined we were in the year 2525. Visitors were invited to examine recently discovered archaeological finds from the early 21st century. The world is a very different place in 2525 and the purposes of many of the objects on display are a mystery. When evening fell visitors could use torches to illuminate the exhibits adding an extra air of mystery to the museum.
Visitors were also invited to contribute their own interpretations of the finds, assisting in the analysis of the baffling discoveries.
Special thanks go out to the volunteers who kept the museum open, especially JuanrieStrydom and Per Olsen for their sterling service.

See audience comments about the exhibition below the gallery

A video tour of The Future Museum of Now filmed by Joe Hudson.



There was a comments book at the end of the exhibition. This is what people said:

Amazing! Had so much fun! Really inspired, made me think about our lives! – Kristina

Such a simple corner for sophistocated thoughts! Have never thought about our heritage this way. Will we change after this?No, I guess. Instead we should understand what we are doing … – Lamé

Wonderfully thought provoking! Especially the languij. – Lynn

Beautiful arrangement, it has a post-apocalyptic feel to it. Ahows that you can make art out of anything. – Alice, 19, photography student.

Funni, skari, funni, magik. Fascinating!

What is the scariest time? 2525 or now? – Brian

I would describe it as something magic and creative. Like if it came out of a kids mind. Fun to make fun of our current reality. Maybe we should start becoming leass materialistic as a society!! Archaeoligists will find out what we do anyways. BRAVO FOR THIS, just got me a smile on my way home. THANKS! – Elena

Best museum I ever seed in a container :-) FmoN Down! – SMW

Discovering the future before the time comes around. Fascinating to think about. It was a very thought through exhibit and gave me great pleasure. Thanks. – Christain.

This is truly amazing, I haven’t smiled so much for ages! So thoughtful, intelligent and so well executed!

Beautifully inspirational and heartbreakingly sad at the same time! – Aoife

The whole idea is amazing! – Lucy and Leanne

Genius. Loved it! – Sara

This is amazing. So inventive.

This is brilliant. Really well thought out. Thank you. – Glen

Nathan Downing (Lost and Found Project) thinks this is amazing!

I fink it is ever so marvellous!

What a brilliantly creative, fun and poignant exhibition. Please do more! Thanks. – Tammy

Provides amazing new perspective. – Sara

I will never see things the same again. – Lou

Excellent. Do UK tour with this! – Sally

I nefer finked tis be4 wit mi iiis! – Laurencio

I like all very much and very clever. – R Sterling

V amusin an intrestin. Luvin da fings for smellin or listnin to hartbeet – Phoebe

Wonderful idea! Absolutely loved the ‘What was this for?’ box.