Sheep Drop-ins

At the Wool House we have a few little sheep-based projects to keep youngsters (and the rest) engaged.

Woolly Tales

Pick up a sheep at our desk and draw a picture on it or tell a tale of how you came to be in Southampton or tell us what your dreams for the future are and pop the sheep in the box and when we have enough we’ll build a collage of Southampton from the woolly tales you’ve told us.


Sheep Invasion!

You can create your own clay sheep to join our ever-growing flock. Pupils from St Johns School have started making a flock of sheep that we’d like everyone to contribute to. We provide some clay and other materials to let your sheepy imaginations run riot and whatever you create we’ll add it to our flock. We’re hoping to make enough sheep to rival Anthony Gormley’s Crowd. If you want to keep your creation, leave your name with it and you can collect it when the project finishes.

All ages welcome to take part. Material costs £1.50 per sheep.

sheep building



Go! Bo-Peep!

Help, we can’t control our sheep! Our flock of 16 colourful cardboard sheep have run off and hidden themselves all around the Wool House. Help us round them up by finding where they are and which one is missing! If you can tell us which is the missing sheep you get a reward. A little bit of mini-trail fun for the under 8’s (and adults)

4 sheep row