After the initial idea, there was a lot of work to be done in bringing TRANSPORTED to Guildhall Square. Here are some photos of the practical side: they include a visit to WillBox to find out what sort of containers are available and have a look at how we could fit exhibitions and performances into them. We spent some time trying to work out the best layout for TRANSPORTED using a hand-made model by Steph May and measuring out the square to see what would fit where. Then the containers arrived and were installed by the patient and very skilled men of Willbox. We also have to give thanks to Julie Bisco who was technical manager for the project, overseeing the installation of electrics, making sure everything was accessible and safe and whatever else was needed for each show, especially in Crammed. Finally we had to take everything down and wave the containers off on their way after an exciting week of bringing art to the centre of Southampton.