An exhibition of sculpture, photography, paintings and installations, exploring themes of loss and recovery in relation to a sense of time and a sense of place. Life is a constant  stream of emotions, ideas and objects being discovered, lost, forgotten, then re-emerging in time. Some of these rediscoveries are recognisable, some are in new guises and some are apochryphal.

Featuring work from:

Steph May

Steph May’s work includes drawing, printing, photography and assemblages of small finds discovered while walking in the local landscape, searching for fossils and evidence of past human lives in the landscape.



Peter Hunter

Conceiver, fabricator, collector, antiquarian, archeologist, geologist and cryptozoologist.



Tina Lane

I enjoy creating works, which are visually attractive, and the viewer can read the spaces, underlying realities. What you see is what you get, except when it’s not. The materials I use are a very important part of my work, in Prisoner’s Dreams and Dreams of Freedom, the wood, stone and iron, mirror the prison, juxtaposed with very contemporary materials such as hot glue. Therefore reflecting the transient and fragile nature of the dreams. Whilst these pieces are very site specific to the Woolhouse, they can also relate to the world in which we live today, but that narrative is for the viewer to decide.



Harriet Green

Paintings from The Alchemy Collection, works in mixed media, including composition or faux gold leaf, 22ct gold leaf, silver and aluminium leaf, and copper leaf as well as metallic paints, shellac and wax.

1.The medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter, esp. that of base metals into gold.
2.A process by which paradoxical results are achieved or incompatible elements combined with no obvious rational explanation.



Rob Luckins

Rob Luckins is a portrait photographer and runs the Travelling Photographic Studio in the same way that itinerant photographers would have in the old west (minus the horses), he has worked with and met many great people over the past 9 years ranging from artists and writers to actors and directors. Rob has always had a great interest in the time period of the late 1800’s and explores this using a variety of approaches.




Rob can be contacted on: contact.wttds@gmail.com


Maxine Marsh

The site-specific installations I create are a physical exploration into making connections between thinking, feeling, people, place and memory. The ambiguity of the work through its simplicity allows the audience to take their own readings, influenced by personal experience and perception.